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U Thrive Released TODAY and It’s Already a #1 New Release

In Book by Daniel Lerner

It’s finally here! The release of our first book, U Thrive: How to Succeed in College (and Life), that I wrote with Alan Schlechter is TODAY, and…it’s already a #1 New Release on Amazon! We are incredibly proud and excited to share this book! U Thrive is our NYU course “The Science of Happiness” in written form, teaching students how to …

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Classical Joy Playlist

In Music by Daniel Lerner

When I was three years old I would sneak down the stairs after bedtime and hide on the landing, watching my parents play music together. My father was a flutist in the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and my mother was a renowned opera singer, but there they were, these two world-class musicians, making music simply for the joy of it, causing …

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Relationship Goals for Surviving College

In Relationships by Daniel Lerner

During these next few years, your student will become part of the most diverse, fascinating, and colorful community you have likely ever encountered. The people they forge relationships with—whether friend, frenemy, sorority sister or soul mate—will play a bigger role than you might have imagined in shaping their future. Good study habits? Check. An organized schedule? Got it. Making smart decisions? …