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U Thrive Released TODAY and It’s Already a #1 New Release

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It’s finally here! The release of our first book, U Thrive: How to Succeed in College (and Life), that I wrote with Alan Schlechter is TODAY, and…it’s already a #1 New Release on Amazon!

book for high school grads and parentsWe are incredibly proud and excited to share this book! U Thrive is our NYU course “The Science of Happiness” in written form, teaching students how to not only survive college but flourish during their years on campus.

We strived to fill the pages with the fascinating science of traditional and positive psychologies, real-life stories, and actionable opportunities to build habits that address the challenges and opportunities every undergraduate will face. Engaging and funny, U Thrive is a practical guide that our NYU students have long asked us to write. While it is geared for readers ranging from high school seniors to soon-to-be college grads, we hope that it will also help parents understand and support the success of their kids as they take their biggest steps to date.

If you order U Thrive before April 22nd, you can take advantage of the amazing bonus packages we’ve pulled together.

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How to Help

Should you find yourself wanting to help us spread the word out about the book, we’d be so grateful. Here are a few easy ways you can help:

  • Share U Thrive via social media with people in your life who might be interested in what we’re working on! We’ve put together a great ‘share toolkit’ to help. You can simply copy and paste the updates and edit as you wish!
  • After you’ve read the book, post your review to Amazon. Reader reviews are a tremendous boost for the book.
  • Give a “thumbs up” to any good reviews, and a “thumbs down” to negative reviews.
  • Potentially report reviews that aren’t fair reviews of the book.
  • If you are a Goodreads member…

Our dream is for every college student in the country to read this book so that they can put the science into action and have the best possible experience that they can on campus (and in life).

Thank you for your continued support and help in making our dream possible.

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Author, speaker, consultant and educator, Daniel Lerner is the author of "U Thrive, How to Succeed in College (and Life)".